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Abdiya Iman has created a motivational modest fitness routine for Muslimahs worldwide called, Modest Fitness Week, with a challenge entitled “Me2Her.” She recognized and could relate to the desire to be healthy and fit, but the commitment or lack thereof to a fitness routine. Inspired by the women surrounding her, fitness experts and her own sisters, Abdiya innovated a way that can help women commit to fitness on a regular basis. How? Let’s find out:

R.What routines would you recommend for women who have 1.never worked out before 2. have tried, but gave up 3.are active women in fitness?

A. 1. Try a program that starts with short blasts of workouts where you are left feeling accomplished, successful and full of beans!

2. Definitely start a challenge that offers a varied selection of different fitness types so you stay motivated, excited for what the next day offers and please please please, find accountability in anything you do to do with fitness! 

3. Considering you are active already, why not go deeper, working on your posture, meditation and mindset. If you work on those more profound areas of fitness you may just be able to push yourself even further towards your goals.

R. Where does your workout/fitness motivation stem from?

A. As most people know, I only started working out consistently in December at Modest Fitness Week so I definitely got the motivation from the women I was working with for the fitness classes, the accountability and passion for creating a platform that can benefit as many women as possible. Also, one of my sisters, who has a very similar body shape to me, but does so much more sport and looks and feels amazing, definitely inspires me to do better. 

R.Tell us about “Me2Her.”

A. The Me2Her is a challenge that our fitness program kicks off with and will be running throughout the year.  Why is our program called Me2Her? When I sat down and reflected on all the reasons why I wasn’t already years into my fitness journey at the age of 27, I was hit by a number of hard messages ranging from, “Abdiya, you look ridiculous when you work out” to “You’ll start but you’ll give up a few days later.”

I knew I wanted to get fit one day… but not today. I noticed that my physical and mental health was being compromised due to my lack of exercise. If I was feeling this way, were other women feeling it too? How many times do we imagine a fitter, happier, less anxious version of ourselves? This “her” that I want to become is no one other than the better version of ME. I wanted to create a program that helped women not only start on their journey to “her” but a journey that they could enjoy and have fun with. It’s not about punishing ourselves, but really it’s self-care, the most important part of it. We ALL deserve 30mins a day for us, right?

This program begins with a 30-day challenge that is all about becoming the best version of yourself… physically, mentally and spiritually without it being a weight loss program, a fad diet or a boot camp. It is about adopting consistent workouts in your day to day life while still managing your daily tasks and responsibilities. Every day you will get a short workout (whether it be yoga, pilates, HIIT training, kickboxing, Zumba etc), an educational podcast (on nutrition, mental health, tips and tricks about wellbeing), and access to an incredibly supportive community to keep you accountable and motivated.

R.What do you recommend for Ramadan fitness?

A. Of course, in Ramadan, we are all feeling more tired and our bodies do need to go at a slower pace. I am yet to experience a Ramadan with fitness, but I am so excited! I would suggest definitely opting for more pilates and yoga (potentially sculpt yoga) 30mins-1hour before you break your fast. You could also go for a short jog or do a short blast of HIIT (high-intensity intermittent exercise). For me, I can deal with the lack of water better than I can the lack of food…so I think, before breaking my fast would be the best option. Of course, everyday workouts can be too much for people so it’s really important to listen to your body and take it one day at a time. 

R.Who is Abdiya? Where is your inspiration rooted?

A. I am so inspired by the incredible Muslimah personal trainers that I have the privilege of working with. They are breaking stereotypes and speaking about topics that could be considered taboo in our community. Also, the health experts that feature in our program are doing such incredible work for their communities too. I also feel inspired by the woman I want to become, being present in my life she is teaching me not to give up. I have always found my siblings my biggest inspiration, being the youngest, for 17 years, of 6 children. I was later blessed with a little brother and sister.

R.How can we follow your journey and get involved?

A. You can find me living my best life and motivating others over on @modestfitnessweek – and join our fitness platform at 
It has been carefully designed to benefit women to fall in love with exercise and live the most fulfilled and happy life they can. Come and join us, make new friends and start your fitness journal.

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