Modest Market Place (MMP) | Lagos, Nigeria

The Modest Market Place (MMP) is a movement for the collaboration and promotion of modest-friendly brands and businesses (products and services) to bridge an existing lifestyle gap in Nigeria. Their goals with their first event was to create an avenue for modest retail and lifestyle in Nigeria and pave a path become a premier promotion platform for modest brands.

I feel like this is such a great and much-needed platform in Lagos. Up North, there are more avenues for women to access modest fashion and brands, however, Lagos is a different ball game. I believe that the Modest Market Place will turn into a one-stop shop and a must attend event.

Before they came along, I used to attend pop-up events such as Mente De Moda, that are great, but because they do not focus on Modest brands, I would find myself gravitating towards one or two stands.

I can’t wait for the next event to take place and hope to see you all there.

The first MMP took place in Lagos, Nigeria on November 22nd 2015 and is set to make their second appearance in a little over a month (April 24th 2016). If you missed the last one, take a look at what you missed, and make sure you set your calendars for the next one.


Modest Market Place 2015


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