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Don’t you love a book that entertains you and yet has duas weaved in? I do. I have read several lately and I can’t get enough masha’Allah. I’m an adult but the child in me approves alhamdullilah. So check out the reviews I have for you on Muslim works I came across recently.


Jannah Jewels Series

I have read the series til book 9 and I’m anxiously waiting tome 10 subhanallah. In Book 1, The Jannah Jewels land in the ancient city of Timbuktu in Mali. Suddenly, they are caught in the middle of a mystery. Someone has stolen a priceless manuscript! While following clues, they find the Grand Mosque and discover the Treasure King. Who exactly is the Treasure King and can the Jannah Jewels restore the missing manuscript into a Golden Clock before time runs out? Read Book 1’s review here and Book 2’s here.


My Coloring Book of Dua’a

This is another children’s book I treasure. The duas in it are very powerful to those who know. I know because my step father is an hafiz who studied at my grandfather’s merdrassa and he taught me several of those duas for my protection. Everyone should know these duas. The coloring pages are a plus to make the learning fun. Coloring is very relaxing to me by the way. The good thing about this book is that it comes with a free audio to help with the correct pronunciation. The audio file is listed on the publisher’s site here. Just scroll to the bottom of the page to access it. I highly recommend this book for every day tasks.


A Gift From Jannah

A Gift From Jannah is a 34 page children’s book  with wonderful illustrations that helps satisfy the curiosity of children about their birth. It uses an easy to follow theist approach to explain the origin of babies without having to recourse to birds and bees talk yet. It’s ingenious and creative. I recommend it to parents who seek an easy answer to give to their younger children who have many questions. We can all agree that it’s really not easy sometimes to explain things to children they might not grasp at a young age.


Hind’s Hands

Summary: From bestselling author and educator Umm Juwayriyah — a story told by a big sister who learns coping skills to befriend and lead her autistic younger sister. “You see, my sister Hind has Autism. And I know that sounds like a really big word, but it’s not. Autism just means that Allah made her to learn and act and think differently than other kids her age.” In the story Hind’s Hands, big sister Juwayriyah learns just how special her younger sister is, despite the challenging behaviors that she often has to deal with. Author Umm Juwayriyah collaborates with her oldest daughter, Juwayriyah Ayed on this book to help spread awareness about Autism. Thoughts: It’s a challenge to have children with a disability and this book gives an Islamic perspective to Muslim families to go about it. Juwayriyah learns to deal with her sister’s disability with a lot a patience. Kudos to her.


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  1. JazakAllah khair for sharing the insightful reviews. I would not heave heard about these books otherwise. I think each one offers something unique and I’m so glad to see titles like this available, mashaAllah. When I grew up we had nothing like this at all! Where can they be ordered?

  2. Wa iyyak. All these books are available on Amazon except for a small minority of them like ‘A Gift From Jannah’ which is available on the author’s website. Please click on the hyperlinked words in my reviews to be connected to the vending pages insha’Allah. Wassalam.

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