Muslimah Capsule Wardrobe Winter 2016

Assalamu aleikum,

It’s that time of the year where the cold wind is making itself acknowledged to remind me that my Muslimah Capsule Wardrobe for the Winter is in order. Down here in Texas, it’s certainly not 86 Fahrenheit anymore. So I got my Fall-Winter clothes out to replace my Summer capsule wardrobe alhamdullilah. In West Africa where many of you readers are, Harmattan will swing by soon I’m sure. Either way, stay warm and cozy insha’Allah.

So for this closing Fall season and beginning Winter season, I’ve come up with what I’ll wear insha’Allah to stay the minimalist I aspire to be. I did make an exception for my Summer capsule during the Eid though. There was no way I wasn’t going to dress to the nines *wink* according to my standards of perfection. I say that because some people might say that my outfit was not extraordinary.

Anyways, about the capsule, check it out below :

Papatia’s Winter Capsule

2 pair of Sunglasses (Two because one has daisies on the frame! Alhamdullilah.)
1 Purse
1 Laptop and its bag
4 Dresses
6 Skirts
1 Skirt in Jean
1 Light Sweater (1 Islamic cardigan. I’m rotating with another one.)
2 Blazers
6 Warm Sweaters
4 Warm Long sleeves T-Shirts
1 Heavy Hoodie
2 pair of Boots
1 Heavy Coat (I’ve kept the same pair of gloves inside the pockets for at least 5 years, aH.)
1 Pearl bracelet and 1 Black watch
1 Necklace and The Wedding Ring
7 Hijabs + 4 Heavy and Warm Neck Scarves
45 Total Item

That’s it! Of course, underwear – pajamas and the likes – we wear under our clothes will never make the cut because we need a small ‘SECRET’ collection of those… *wink*. If I need more tops, I will tweak the number of dresses to stay at 45 items insha’Allah.

So what do you plan on wearing dear Uktys? Any of you planning to go shopping for new clothes?


Jazakh’Allah khair for reading and wassalam,


Papatia Feauxzar

Papatia Feauxzar is a practicing Accountant. She focused on personal finance in graduate school. She has a Master of Science in Accounting (MSA). Around the year, Feauxzar expatiate on personal finance and romance tips here and on her blogs. She is also the Online Editor of Hayati Magazine and the author of the first Ivorian Cookbook in English. Also a poet, you can read three of her pieces in "WOKE & LOUD: A Faith-Based Medley of Muslim Poetry & Spoken Word" published by Inked Resistance. Visit her at or .

  1. Just went shopping yesterday. I feel inspired to go through my wardrobe and purge what I don’t wear, weed out my spring and summer items and store them in the closet. I see a blog entry coming soon. 🙂

  2. These lightblue boots in the picture are fantastic! What is the name of the brand? 😀

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