The new accessory: Statement Bracelets

Pieces that remind us of bold jewellery from the streets of the Bronx are combined with elegant high class designs to create unique and authentic statement jewellery. The combination of these two extreme concepts makes the statement pieces so interesting and outstanding. Bold and colourful stones are combined with sophisticated pearls or diamonds, making us feel glamorous.

They can either be simply worn to a pair of jeans and a plain blouse, making the outfit look more put together, or combined with an evening gown for an extra touch of glamour. Even business outfits can be brightened up with statement bracelets, however, here I would suggest going for the more simple versions as it could look overstated in a business environment.

By bringing together two different worlds, designers create pieces that remind us of the bright and colourful 80s, yet still give us the elegance of the 20s. Everyone who usually would not go for a bold and bright styling could easily wear several simple pieces together, creating an individual look.

The good news is that nowadays everyone can afford such pieces as they are available in all price ranges. No matter if you just want to spend little money on them (Primark, H&M etc.), or think to invest in some of them (Chanel, D&G etc.), this year is the perfect time to consider statement bracelets.



Nedda Bahadori

While I was always interested in Fashion and Psychology, I discovered the beauty of Islam in my early 20s. It did not just change my whole habits, way of thinking and behaviour, but it gave me a meaning to everything I couldnt really explain or failed to see meaning in. I love reading, learning about the unconscious force that drive people along with all psychological aspects of life, shopping as well as eating. My believe is that we cannot change what happen or will happen to us as this is not in our hands, it is with Allah (swt) to what our destiny is, but we can certainly chose how to respond to our circumstances as Allah (swt) gave us the ability to make decisions.

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