New look wishlist : Modest Camel edition

new look wishlist modest edition


Camel is the the new back ? Hell no. But camel is camel and it’s a big deal. Probably the only “light” color I like to wear. My favorite thing to do is “pretend shopping”. I go on a online shopping website (in this case it’s new look ) I pick a few things that I’d like to see in my wardrobe, add them to my basket and never hit the buy button. Trust me it’s therapeutic. This time it’s a camel edition new look wishlist.

1. Camel Split Side Boxy Sweater

I wear sweater all the time. But all of my sweaters are either black or dark blue. It’s time to have something different. I love these type of sweater cause they’re easy to style. It’ll be perfect with light boyfriend jeans and ankle boots.

2. Camel Waterfall Blazer

I’ve a really casual style, and I don’t really wear colors. So when I want to spice up my outfit a little, it’s all about one piece. And I couldn’t express how much I love this blazer. It’s simple, beautiful and the waterfall details makes it so special.

3. Camel Flannel Culottes

I don’t know why it says “culottes”, it’s definitely long enough to be a trouser. I don’t really wear trousers, it’s kind of challenging for me. While doing my new look wishlist, only because trousers aren’t suppose to be tight, and I don’t have the slimmest thighs so I don’t think they’re made for me. At least not now. But I love it anyway…

4. Camel Tassel Chain Shoulder Bag

When I was younger I thought that having a huge bag meant that you were a boss lady. So most of my bags are huge. But now I don’t like to carry so many things anymore. I still have to build a “small bag collection” and I want this one to be a part of it.

5. Sandals camel

I walk a lot and unfortunately I don’t have the Kim Kardashian power to walk in heels all the day long. I like to be comfortable but still cute and chic. These shoes have been trendy for a while now, but I never saw a suede version so far.

So that’s it for my new look wishlist . I know I won’t resist too long and most of these items will make my student savings cry.

Maryam Kabir
Maryam Kabir

Nigerian lifestyle blogger at Veilbymaryam. Business administration student. Cupcake and makeup lover. Trying to help women of her community by sharing her opinions and experiences with everyone who's want to listen.

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