Night Noodle Markets 2016, Melbourne

The Night Noodle Markets, which featured asian hawker-style food, was held for about two weeks this month of November. There was an array of vendors and I was lucky to find a food truck that served halal food! Clearly a well thought out and planned event as evidenced here. The Night Noodles Market was part of the ‘Good Food Month’ event that was running this month, and you can find out more about that here.

The free entry for the noodle market probably made it very popular and the foods on offer could not have hurt. It rained on the day I went but my shoes bore the most pain as I enjoyed the sights and tastes.

I went with V, whose family was visiting from Singapore. While they found some of the food to be good, they did comment on the western infusions of the asian foods. Me? Well, I’m no asian food expert. Also, the food stalls that I noticed were mostly oriental and South-East asian, don’t remember seeing any Indian or Middle Eastern stalls.

Anyway, I had the halal satay (which is like our Nigerian suya) from the Indonesian satay truck; the twisted potato on a stick with salt and vinegar seasoning from the Korean Twist Potato stall, something I’ve always wanted to try by the way;  and the ‘Only on Sundaes’ ice-cream or should I say gelato, from Gelato Messina (Well, technically it was a sorbet which is neither gelato or ice-cream but you get the point). I’d wanted to visit Gelato Messina so it was nice to see their stall at the noodle market.

Without much ado, enjoy some pictures from the food fest!

general area

Even Mercedes had a stall
Even Mercedes-Benz had a stall

Satay truck

Satay Truck

The satay came with lontong, which is an Indonesian rice cake, which wasn’t nice. The satay though, wasn’t bad, It was spicier (just a bit) than it looked.

Satay with Indonesian Rice Cake


The Gelato Messina Stall at the noodle market.




This was the ‘Only on Sundaes’ which I was glad was vegetarian. I had been to other stalls and their vegetarian desserts were all sold out… Although the portion was generous, this dessert was not cheap (see photo above for price).  To put things in perspective, other meals, as in actual food, cost $12 too. ‘Only on Sundaes’ could have also done without the caramelised puff pastry and the sticky rice; the puff pastry was forgettable and the sticky rice did not gel with the other ingredients. Everything else tasted nice; Gelato Messina did not disappoint.
Gelato Messina only on Sundaes

This was the Korean twist potato (Chubbydija: Duh! It’s a potato that’s twisted.) which I think was coated in flour and fried. It was also really oily. As comfort foods go, this was a solid offering. Too much of it though, and you might feel sick. It cost $7.50 which I think was too much for what is essentially fries.

Korean twist potato

The market was a nice place to go and hangout with friends and it would have been nice to revisit and sample more offerings. Maybe next year, Insha Allah.


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  1. Your pictures always draw me to Ayamstuffed.
    Some Nigerian parties actually serve the twisted potatoes.
    Interesting that the satay was spicy, actually looks sweet.

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