No Time To Spare

This month as I was walking out of my house I bumped into my uncle who can be very chatty. We started with greetings and before I knew it we were having a full-blown conversation I felt like I could not get out of. He spoke to me about my great-aunt and how hard-working she was. He went on to tell me that as people get older they begin to develop routines for themselves and that is what keeps them going. My great aunt’s routine was to wake up in the morning, take a 20 minute walk to her shop, work till it got dark and make her way back home. The moment her children begged her to stay home, stop working and leave everything else to them, she fell ill within a short period of time and soon after passed away. May her soul rest in perfect peace.

A few weeks later, my uncle’s wife stopped by and as I tried to rush back to my office (to work on Hayati of course) she cornered me with what I anticipated to be a long talk. She spoke to me about marriage, advised me to take my time when picking a spouse and finally told me that she had stopped by to invite us to her 16th year wedding anniversary. I do not believe in coincidences but I do believe that everything happens by the will and power of Allah swt. Many times I get consumed with work and I am unwilling to spare a minute or two for fear of losing much more. However I have learned over the past few months that when Allah swt want to teach you a lesson, there is no way for you to avoid it.

It is easy to take the people around us for granted because it seems as though they will always be around. You go to bed at night and wake up in the morning by the grace of Allah swt and these people are still around. So you go through your day not even taking the time to talk to them or lend them an ear. This month, I want you all to start taking time out to talk to your family and friends. Understand what they are going through, whether good or bad because at the end of the day we will all pass away and at that time it will be too late for “should have’s”. Most importantly, never take anyone for granted for Allah swt can choose the most unlikely person to teach you life’s most important lessons.

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