Nuptial Night For Starters

Funny and cute picture below. Right? Taking fun pictures on your wedding day is definitely a must if you can. These beautiful memories will stay with you for life, I promise you. But all jokes aside, it could also be a distraction from what might happen later when you are left alone to start your honeymoon.

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So you just got married and as newlyweds you are excited that you finally get to eat that “forbidden fruit”. Then, at the thought of “forbidden fruit” you become nervous because you don’t know Jack about Intimacy, Romance, and everything in between the two. Excuse my French there. So how do you go about it ? The first thing you need to do when you are alone in the bedroom is to follow the saying of our Prophet (sallallahu aleihi wassalam) when He performed nikah between Hadrat Fatima and Hadrat Ali.

He said, (O Ali! When you take your bride to your house, remove her socks from her feet. Wash her feet. Scatter that water to all corners of the house. By doing this, Allah-u teâlâ will remove 70 kinds of poverty from your house, incorporate 70 kinds of “barakah” (prosperity) to your house, and descend 70 “rahmat” (blessings) to you. Together with the bride and her favors, they will reach all corners of the house. Thus, the bride will be secured from insanity and other types of illnesses.) (Manaqib)

You can also skip this step if you want. There is no evidence that your marriage won’t be blessed if you don’t do this ritual. But you can put all the chances on your side by doing it. The next thing you need to do is to relax, make small talk, and let things happen naturally. For more details on your first nuptial night, you can read my post at Finally, again, and above all, don’t stress. Enjoy your first night together even that means talking all night and sleeping next to each other with getting no action.
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Papatia Feauxzar

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Papatia Feauxzar

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