Oh Mai God- TOP 7 Muslima Friendly looks from Mai Atafo

So, Lagos just played host to one of the most versatile, colourful and vibrating design and fashion week. And I happily watched (saw pictures) front row, thanks to bloggers, Instagram pages and articles online because I am stuck in university attempting to get an education. It didn’t stop me from admiring the beautiful styles of Maki Oh, vibrant colours from Tiffany Amber, and the new presence of Mai Atafo.

Not implying he is new to the scene, of course not.

It’s just something new I noticed and deeply appreciated from his collection, I was not there live nor did I get a physical touch of the showcase but from pictures and more, I could happily say I fell in love with Mai Atafo’s attempt in androgynous and subtly modest style.

I am not the most feminine out there, nor am I a tomboy but sometimes you want to express your fashion sense in a way different from the usual, but still maintain an aura that spreads through the room you step in and not gather the wrong attention. Wrong attention should not be translated into a wrong context, but should still stay in the fashion context.

My point is, as a Muslim girl getting in touch with her fashion sense and still wanting to keep touch with my religious identity – Mai Atafo’s showcase was my personal favourite. Something almost always forgotten during fashion shows, magazines and more, is accurate representation. A lot of designers had various outfits suitable for everyone, but for my age, my taste, style and identity, I found this to be a favourite.

Let’s break this down-



Nothing screams Muslima Friendly more than this. It is colourful yet calm, sublime, classy and can be easily paired with a turban and head scarf, basically any way you cover your head. If you are a Muslima without a hijab but still wants to keep that modesty in touch, this is ultimately great. And, if you are not a Muslima or any of what I have stated above but still wants to look stunning, this is a look I like.




I love trousers. I love trousers. I love blazers and I love this look a bit too much. This screams corporate and covered for my Muslim sisters out there. Sometimes it can be pretty frustrating trying to keep up a formal, working class, modest and yet stylish look. This can be easily paired with a turban or scarf of choice. Plus the model works this outfit in a way that makes me want to wear immediately, it is certainly a favourite, and the look that actually made me check out the whole showcase.




Another personal fave because I have rocked something similar in the past. I love alter necks, no matter how I wish to dress or cover myself. I love alter necks always. This is self-explanatory – I mean how this can be easily Muslima friendly. Wear a blazer over this or what suits you over it. The colour subtly draws attraction like energy. Plus the legs are beautiful flared, because I understand some Muslimas are not comfortable with tight fitting ends. This should be tried on, and I love it.



White is a gracious colour, and a colour I am always scared to wear, but this look right here has me thinking about a million and one ways to work it. It is sublime, gracious, poise, stylish, modest and beautiful. This is something easily paired with a scarf and turban. This is amazing for evening events, dinners, and whatever event you feel you can wear this too. It can be worn by anyone, you don’t need to be business minded or famous to adorn this beautiful piece.



This is basically me, modelled by a beautiful model. This is just how I love dressing if I have the chance and I literally squealed when I saw this on the runway. As a student, looking sharp, casual yet stylish for presentations and events are something I look forward to. This can be beautifully paired with a turban and scarf, keeping the modesty and style in check. You don’t have to sacrifice one to get another, if you know what I mean.



This is my second favourite look from the collection because it is basically self-explanatory as always, the colour is a beautiful shade of red/wine, it is warm, calm, stylish, modest friendly and just beautiful for any event. Again, a good turban and scarf goes very well with this outfit, the ends of the trousers are flared, which is a great plus if you are someone conscious about tightness of trousers. This is a highly recommended look for my Muslim sisters.



This is my number 1 look of the Mai Atafo collection from the Lagos Fashion and Design show, I really will not go down to explain why or how this is my favourite because the picture speaks about a million words explaining why I would choose this look, given the title of this post. This is beautiful, breath-taking is the word for me, and heavily modest friendly because the turban gives it all away. I particularly love how the model wore the turban because she is already styled for you, and you have an idea on how to rock this look.

*hats off to Mai Atafo*

Then again, this is solely based on my personal style, taste and interest, which means not everyone has to appreciate or agree with this post. I simply feel every designer has something to offer to every identity out there, and I found this to be my favourite representation of fashion for women, Muslim women to be particular.

I know how hard it is to go shopping sometimes and the frustration that comes with it in certain shops outlets, outfits and more. Hence, why this really excited me and I decided to write up on it. I cannot wait to discover more styles and hopefully share with everyone else.

See you next time!

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