Pancake Parlour – Glen Waverley Food Review

First it was the halal snack pack and now I’ve visited Pancake Parlour! Food is a good way to immerse yourself in a country’s culture, No? So, what should I do next? Watch an Australian Football League match? We’ll see.

Today I visited my ‘local’ Pancake Parlour, a family-owned pancake place that’s 5 decades old and offers sweet and savoury pancakes and crepes. They also have burgers and salads on their menu; because you would go to a place called Pancake Parlour for those. My local PP joint is a pretty big restaurant with quirky designs and decorations all around; there were these chairs dedicated solely to a game of chess with mice-sized pieces.


I was at PP at a time when it wasn’t too busy so I got a whole booth to myself. The waiters were pleasant and helpful with the menu. The vegetarian struggle wasn’t too great today as most of the sweet pancake options and about three of the savoury options were vegetarian. Wopee!


Once again, I’d done my research and I knew what dish I wanted to order: the feta cheese and spinach crepes. This option also made the most sense as it was my first meal of the day, one shouldn’t have a sugar loaded meal for breakfast right? Now that I think about it though, pastries and cakes are my favourite options at breakfast buffets. My Nigerian people, Eko Hotel breakfast buffet? It’s the best and if you haven’t tried it, make a date to enjoy the yumminess they have on offer.


I love sugar. I get sugar withdrawals. But something was different today and after perusing the sweet pancakes on offer and getting very tempted by Salted Caramel Crunch, Sweet Cheesecake Crepe and the Long Pancake Stack, I managed to stick to my original plan. It is also worth noting, if it wasn’t already obvious by now, that their menu is filled with so many options! There are 16 sweet options and 17 savoury options. These do not include the pancake stacks or the breakfast menu. And that’s just pancakes.

Anyway, I ordered my Spinach and Feta Crepes ($24.90; 2 crepes filled with creamy feta cheese and spinach served with sour cream and a side salad) and to drink I got the Vienna Chocolate ($6:80; hot full cream milk made with pure Belgian chocolate and topped with pure whipped cream). I had wanted the apple cider as I wanted to relive this apple cider goodness.

Vienna Chocolate

The hot chocolate was amazing! The salad was nice and fresh! These two were the only  positives. I started on the crepes and they were a bit disappointing. They were also really salty and let’s not talk about the oil. The menu also didn’t mention that there would be onions in the crepes but this was only a minor problem. The salt was too much. The spinach and feta mix already had salt and a little bit more would have been fine. However, it would appear that someone decided to go crazy on the crepes. This is not something you should have regularly. Not at all.

Crepes + Salad

Another interesting thing about Pancake Parlour is the price of their dishes, this place is not cheap. The lowest priced dish is the short stack: two pancakes with a topping for $12.60! The most expensive offers are in the savoury section, however, ‘The Colossal’, an ice-cream concoction takes 1st place at $32.50; this is slightly more expensive than my total order today. If you want to leave PP in a sugar coma then by all means, order this and consume it alone. Is sharing really caring?

Will I visit Pancake Parlour again? Probably, I’d like to try their sweet pancakes. This visit has not deterred me.

My local PP is located at Century City Walk, 285-287 Springvale Rd, Glen Waverley VIC 3150.


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  1. I enjoyed reading about your experience at pancake parlour. The next move is to watch a Rugby game for sure.

    (I see you’re still missing Eko Hotel Buffet…hehe)

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