Princess In a Tower – Poem


The situation was like a princess in a tower, was it wrong for the princess to have power?
She didn’t have a knight in shining armour and never did go look for one either
She was proud, strong willed wanted to be independent she never wanted or needed anyone to defend her
But that’s what she thought now everything has changed, she thought for love you had to be trained
Her mind deep in thought but her thoughts are lost she is left alone with no one to trust
That’s why she’s confused cause it’s a miracle she thought trust was something invisible
Now she’s having a change of heart but realises that it’s only just the start
She never had the need to impress so how do you think she feels when she is about to confess?
So now she’s standing there all her efforts made for you but you can’t seem to see her when that’s the best she can do
Although she didn’t win she has something to learn that love is something you have to sincerely earn
Because however much she tries not everyone will be satisfied that’s when all her attempts goes undefined
She was Miss. Perfect never been rejected always got everything that she selected
She had her dignity as her armour but soon cruelty took over humanity
As her sufferings of morality was experienced in her reality
All she wanted was a second chance but nobody gave her a second glance
She has never been like this she has never been jaded so sitting there alone and degraded
She thinks about the countless mistakes she made and never thought about how her Imaan can fade
They say money can’t buy you happiness more likely it will give you sadness
Remembering about what happens on the last day cause then not everything will go our way
It’s only now that she gets scared well she should’ve been prepared
All the times she was stressing on how people were messing which got her depressing
She always wanted to use her wings to fly but she always wanted someone to help her try afraid she’ll fall and die
So if god wills, Insha Allah she will correct herself as time isn’t so far
Soon she will go back to her faith then for Islam she will chase
We are always judging before we know before we give time for the people to show
So even if the situation is like a princess in a tower why don’t we see what she chooses to do with that power?

  1. I have known this author for nearly two years and in the last month I have learnt of her amazing poems I an so proud and grateful that someone has given her a chance at being recognised as she is incredible. Well done Uzma it is awesome ☪

  2. Mashallah,you’re a poet and you don’t even know it
    xxxxxxxxxxxxx your bestie

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