Quality vs. Quantity


As women we love dressing up and are conscious of the number of times we wear a certain outfit or clothing item. So when given the choice between a $150 sweater and a few tops at Forever 21, most will go for the latter. The issue with that is quality can easily be forgone for quantity and part of building a long lasting wardrobe is quality. Building and sustaining a wardrobe takes time but it is something every woman must do.

Starting with accessories, every girl should have at least one quality handbag, piece of jewellery and pair of shoes. If you have more than one that’s great, but with everything in life you must start somewhere. A quality handbag is one that is made from long lasting material such as heavy canvas and leather. Check the straps and make sure that the seams are consistent, secure and there are no unfinished edges. Make sure that the strap attachment also has flawless stitching and don’t forget to test the zipper. The interior of the bag is just as important so check the lining and make sure that it is made of lasting material such as thick nylon, wool, vinyl or leather. Finally, check the handbag for crocking (colour rub-off) by gently rubbing a handkerchief along the bag and making sure you rub under the handles as well. Jewellery is a lot more personal but the key thing to remember is to choose pieces that are made of gold, platinum or silver so that they may last longer and not fade. Finally, the process of choosing shoes is very similar to that of a handbag. Stitches, seams and the finishing should be flawless and sturdy and the material must be long lasting.

Starting a collection of accessories is the easy part, maintaining them is where the hard work comes in. With shoes and bags, you must make sure that you preserve them by keeping them stored in a dust bag. If you are going to store them for a long period of time, then you should stuff the bag with old news papers and fill the shoes with shoe trees so they may retain their original shape. Jewellery should preferably be stored in a box to prevent tangling and accidental breakage. It is important you do not lose the habit of storing your accessories. In the beginning I know it is easy because they are new and the excitement is still live, however I guarantee that if you stick by it you will not regret it.

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