All that rage for nothing! Islam is a religion of peace.

Today, as I was standing in queue at the cashier to pay for grocery, my eyes caught a magazine on the cover of which was a blazing red caps lock cover story on ‘’Jihad’’ and why the so and so country should be wary of this so called ‘’jihad’’. It is of less importance which country is being warned as pretty much all others are on the same wavelength. My initial reaction was to ignore it, for what is new about a magazine jumping out at me with islamophobia, because the entire media seems to be doing a pretty good job at it anyway! But as I continued to wait, I began to feel angry which gradually turned into sadness.

The entire concept of terrorism being linked to Islam has become exhausting and has been stretched beyond limits. Every media outlet somehow manages to drag Islam and blame the whole religion for the evils which honestly seem hard to digest. Surely, there is someone out there who is trying really hard to defame Islam to lead people away from it, the stories are spinning out of control with the imagination running way too wild. The attempts seem desperate to no end and it makes me wonder if this kind of news is even real anymore.

What is it about Islam that makes people jump to worse conclusions and advertise a single religion amongst the hundreds of others as the worst of all? What is it about Islam that makes people raise the red flag and justify the killing of an entire nation, who are not even committing the crime they are being charged with? Funnily, I have a vague answer.

Every great story has a villain who hides behind the mask of great power and portrays the hero as the villain, victimizes the innocent and fabricates great lies against those who have the ability to challenge their power and corruption. Hence begins the propaganda to weaken a group of people lest they succeed in fulfilling the word of peace and justice, ripping the villain off the power to control by means of all that is evil.

Evil. That is the answer. Satan, evil, devil- whatever you call it. He is the mastermind behind the chaos in our world. He has taken an oath to drag every soul to the fire of hell. Between all our differences, hatred, blame-games and competing for power, we have forgotten the greatest enemy to humankind. He is loud with spreading hatred and portraying the good as evil and the evil as good. He does so in a manner most silent. He feeds off on hatred and fear, spreading corruption and disunity. ISIS, Al- Qaeda and the manufacturers would know better how many others in the name of Islam, are really just branches of this evil.

The word ‘Islam’ itself means ‘peace’! We greet each other with the message of peace. How can a people who are so aware of meeting their creator and being held accountable for every deed want to kill innocent lives? How can a people who believe in spreading the message of peace do so by violent means? No, we do not identify with the concept of Islam shown in the media. We do not recognise the kind of Jihad that the media shows. And keep in mind this is the same media that has the talent to show witches and wizards, doomsday and robots, creatures we’ve never seen before, but that does not make what appears on the screen real. How difficult is it for those in power to come up with such lies in the name of anything they want?

While we are on the subject of violence, how is the killing of innocent lives justified? Regardless of them being children, women, old and young, in Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Palestine, Pakistan, Burma, Egypt, all over the world in a nutshell! All that rage for the crimes of the aforementioned branches of evil, which are manufactured and run by an entirely different group who have nothing to do with Islam and its teachings!

Islam is a religion of peace.The life of a Muslim is in constant submission to the Almighty, of being a better person each day and taking account of oneself before the end. The life of a Muslim is spent in humble hours, bowing down to the One creator, abstaining from everything that is morally wrong and displeasing to God. The life of a Muslim begins after death, where one has to pay even for starving an innocent animal. Allah does not command us to kill any innocent life. We will not so much as hurt you with our words let alone burn you alive.


Maimoona Sumbul

She is Saudi Arabia based and currently pursuing a post graduate diploma in Islamic Banking and Finance.

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