Raising Young Muslims : Do You Have The Books It Takes?


Raising young muminun is a daunting task. While we need secular books to help with this job, it’s imperative that these young believers are also taught using books that depict sunnah manners. It’s also important that they read books with characters that look like them and have the same faith as them so that they may become empowered by who they are. By the same token, they will know where they come from and where they are going.

Don’t get me wrong, Islam is the ultimate equalizer but what it says and what the ummah does in reality are two different things. The Quran clearly states that we were made different so that we may know each other. There is something very wrong with denying someone’s identity and culture that doesn’t conflict with Islamic teachings. It’s at though they are invisible and don’t exist. A lost person and an orphan will tell you that they seek their past. They yearn to know where they come from.

If our children aren’t lost, let’s guide them on the right path of identity so that they don’t become lost insha’Allah. Therefore, check out the list of Muslim childrens books we have for you.



Bismillah Little Leyla is the second children’s book that I came across which teaches young Muslim children the benefits and rewards of praising the Creator before we start anything. Leyla turns out to be a happy young Muslim girl. She is also outgoing and playful. In all that, she remembers her parents’ advice to utter ‘Bismillah’ when she wakes up, before she eats, and/or performs other activities during the day. I liked the soft colors and the simple texts. I also liked the fact that Leyla feels empowered by saying ‘Bismillah’. Insha’Allah, other Muslim children will feel that way too after reading this book.


The One is a 32 page children’s book in The Fundamental Series of Author Manaal Jafrey-Razaque. It’s definitely about fundamental education to inculcate to our Muslim children the presence of Allah even if they don’t see Him. The book strives to show children that the signs of the Creator are all around us and that is enough to take heed and believe in His ubiquitous presence.




You Are Beautiful is a great way to discuss our differences as the human race. I loved the booked message. The summary goes as this : “You Are Beautiful introduces the characters Zaynab and Zakiyyah, two sisters who experience their first encounter with racial prejudice and who are saddened by what they hear. Throughout the course of the story they overcome intolerance and realize the beauty of ethnic diversity and true friendship. This book highlights the importance of countering ignorance with knowledge and kindness.”



I Can Wear Hijab Anywhere is a 15 page children’s book aimed to children 3  to 5 years of age. We love that it’s inclusive of all races and a booster read to young Muslim girls who would love to wear hijab. The texts are simple and the illustrations are well done. I recommend it to Muslim parents. Description: This book explains that Hijab, which Islam prescribes for girls and women, is not some obstruction, preventing them from leading life in a natural way. While observing this norm a Muslim girl can participate in all activities.



The Beauty of My Hijab is another empowering book for a young mumina. Summary: This is a special book that shows the beauty of covering by drawing comparisons to things that are cherished and valued all around us, especially in nature. Girls see how they are valued, cherished, protected and beautiful through the fluid poetic verses and captivating illustrations. This book is a must have for all Muslim girls and is also a great learning and teaching tool for people of all faiths and creeds. For girls of all ages.


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