Ramadan… Here we go

In the name of God the most gracious and most merciful, all praise and thanks to Allah for giving me the ability to write this and giving you the ability to read this.

It is that time of the year when everything is suddenly better and nicer, the anger is concealed, the hunger is doubled (not only for food if you get me) but everything is different.

We appreciate what we used to take for granted and get a chance to know ourselves even better than before.

It is like that New Year resolution list you abandoned but now you have a chance to look at it and actually do something.

In case you are confused, I am talking about Ramadan.

Alhamdulillah, for the gift of Ramadan, for the ability to be able to abstain from food, water and whatnot but there is so much more to it that we never really take into consideration.

I am going to share something I saw somewhere and I hope you find it beneficial.

Ps:  Whenever you learn about the Deen, always try to spread it to others because if knowledge isn’t spread around we would never know anything.

Ignorance is not bliss, by the way.

So here we go!


Ten easy deeds this Ramadan:


  1. Sit after fajr prayer to make extra supplications:

There is no need to rush after praying the morning prayer except you have to be at work or some other place, but in all sincerity if you have no place to be don’t rush after praying.

Take your Tasbeeh and do multiple Dhikr till sunrise, remember Allah on your mat and make more Dua. This is a golden chance to read Quran if you are aiming to complete it in the month of Ramadan.


  1.  Pray and attend lectures in the Mosques:

You are very lucky if you have mosques close to your homes because it makes it easier for you to walk to the mosque or drive there. This is a chance for you to start praying in congregation and getting rewards for that, also attending evening lectures in the mosque. The knowledge you get will not only benefit you but those around you.

Ya Rabbi Zidni Ilma (May Allah increase us in Knowledge) 

  1.  Pray extra Sunnah prayers:

Pack up on the rewards and start praying the Sunnah prayers when required, this also applies to not rushing the Salaah and taking time whilst praying.

But really, if you are going to rush prayers during Ramadan when will you slow down and give your time fully to your creator? Ponder over that.


  1. Learn a new Dua everyday

Do you know how amazing the book in the picture is? If you don’t know, buy it and know now. There is a Dua for basically every situation Alhamdulillah and it is such a portable book that can be carried around and easy to learn because the fonts are good. Learn a new Dua every day and notice the different in how you deal with any situation that comes your way. Again, may Allah increase us in knowledge and make it easy for us.


  1. Cook and invite people over for Iftar:

Iftar has to be the favourite part of the day isn’t it, I know how it feels, and of course it is amazing. It would be more amazing if you cook enough and invite those people you know won’t have anyone to spend Iftar with or those people that don’t have enough. It is fine if you cannot invite them, Allah knows best but you can cook and send the food over. You really don’t know how that gesture might affect them or change their thoughts about you. Don’t even do it for gratitude or appreciation but do it for Allah, do something good for the sake of being good and feel the wellness rush all over your body Ma Sha Allah.

  1. Visit a sick Muslim:

That person that has been sick for a while now might need a visit, a comforting visit. It is a Sunnah to visit the sick people because of how it impacts us. You thank Allah more for your own good health and you also pray for the person. We never know when Allah wants to use us as the solution of another, we just never know.


  1. Read the meaning of the Quran:

Try something different and read the meaning of the Quran, know what you are reading. Read, understand and absorb like a sponge the words of Allah. The answers are all there in the Quran and in the translation, the answers are clear so you cannot even deny the words of Allah. When you understand what you are reading, there is a higher and better chance of implementing the words and putting them into Action. May Allah make it easy for us.

  1. Give to a different charity:

So for the past five Ramadan(s), you have been donating quite a lot to Home A, why don’t you pay Home B a visit for once and see how you can help too?

Home A might have more adorable children but so does Home B, but you never checked so you don’t even know. This doesn’t apply to only homes but to everything related to charity, if you are always giving out money why don’t try giving out food or clothing, even something random but useful. It is all about trying everything for the pleasure of Allah and also for the wellness of the heart.

  1. Laylatul Qadr and Qiyam Layl:

Two quotes come to mind about Qiyam Layl otherwise known as Tahajuud Salaah. The first one says “The Dua said at Qiyam is like an arrow that does not miss its target’’ and the second one says “If you really want something and you aren’t praying Tahajuud, then you don’t want it’’. I don’t know but isn’t that motivating enough to get you to set your alarms and get up for Tahajuud during Ramadan. Laylatul Qadr is something you should be eager for and not something you should shy away from because of laziness, this night is better than a thousand nights. Let that sink in.

  1. Talk to Allah:

This is the time to get it all off your chest, which issue bugging you needs to be sorted out. Do not carry another burden after Ramadan has gone, this is the period to pick or drop something. Allah knows our hearts but he wants us to talk to him in order to humble ourselves. Drop that pride and cry to your creator, let it all out. Allah responds when you sincerely talk to him with affirmation because he tells us to call onto him and he can never leave us empty handed. Know what you want, never settle for less, talk to Allah and know he will surely answer your prayers.

Alhamdulillah for being able to share the little I know with anyone who reads this, I hope we can all implement it in our daily lives and especially in the month of Ramadan.

The prayer is for Allah to grant us this Ramadan and many more because when Allah grants a person with long life he grants them a way of doing more good deeds and In Sha Allah that will be our case.

Do not forget to remember the world in your prayers, a lot is happening that many are oblivious to but that doesn’t mean it is not happening. Pray for whatever and whoever crosses your mind on the mat, you are not a machine to remember every single person so just generalize the Dua.

I pray sincerely that Allah accepts all our Duas and grants us even better than we were anticipating this Ramadan, In Sha Allah.

Stay Blessed and Awesome.

Fatimah Gimsay

Nothing special to see here, Stay amazing x.

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