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Reverting to Islam is a major step in anyone’s life. Although you are not changing who you are, you are changing what you believe in, how you dress and how you relate with other, so it is only natural for people to think that that you are a totally different person. It is very important that you do not forget yourself once you convert. I believe that Allah SWT made everyone the way they are for a reason and things such as your sense of humour, talents, flare for fashion or even your business savviness should not be thrown out the door alongside your bad habits. In fact they should stay by your side and you should use them to make you a better Muslim.

People tend to be very judgemental when they are face with the unknown. If you are reverting in a community where there are no Muslims, or within a family or group of friends where no one is close to a Muslim person, you may most likely feel a resistance in the beginning. Your friends may be bummed because they no longer have a drinking buddy, but guess what? Half my friends are Christian and when we go out I am always drinking tea. Your family members may be shy or even embarrassed to be seen with you in public because of your hijab, but guess what? Other than covering your hair, you style of dressing can pretty much remain the same (as long as you its long enough). Turbans are always a good idea and easier way to ease your new found religion on the people around you. I hope that you find this issue helpful and do not forget that you can always contact us with stories or idea for topics to cover. I still want to hear from you!

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