Road Trip: Phillip Island

This past Wednesday my course-mates invited me to go to Phillip Island with them and of course I said yes, a break from the books is great.

We started off the day early with a one and a half hour drive. Phillip Island is popular because of several sights, the most notable being the penguins! They only come out at sunset so it’s either you get there late for the penguins or better yet, get there early and partake in other activities on the Island: check out the seals and koalas; take a walk around Churchill Island Heritage Farm and watch activities such as milking and sheep shearing; or go on a virtual antarctic journey. You can find out more details here.

We got to the Island at about noon, bought our tickets and set out to have brunch. Each attraction has a restaurant or café and there are a lot of restaurants along the road so finding a place wasn’t difficult. We settled on Rusty Water Brewery, a convenient choice as our first stop, the Koala Conservation Centre, was just opposite.

It was pretty deserted when we walked in and I thought that it wouldn’t be a memorable brunch but was I wrong! As usual, a quick scan of the menu for the veggie options and I chose the Ravioli filled with ricotta & pumpkin. It was to be served with roasted pumpkin, burnt butter, sage and green peas topped with aged cheddar. That’s a mouthful! There were two serving options for this dish, entrée and main.

As a group we decided to get garlic bread to start with. The general consensus was that we all love cheese so we got mozzarella added to it too. The garlic bread was great: soft, fluffy and fresh. Could have done with more garlic but I’m not complaining. And let’s not forget the stretchy cheese! Yeeeess!

garlic bread

If someone brought me my main dish right now, to eat again, I would be very pleased. The ravioli was awesome. It combined two of my favourite things, pasta and cheese. The pumpkin was nicely spiced and the ravioli had a generous filling of ricotta. I found the ravioli a bit dry on its own but there was some oil on my plate that solved that problem. I realised as I was writing this blog post that I did not get my green peas… Hmm. I need to pay more attention to what the meals offer.

Ravioli + Ricotta + Pumpkin

A conversation that we had while eating was how difficult or easy it was for us (we were all ‘foreigners’) to adapt to the new cuisine. So I’m throwing the question to you guys, is it difficult for you to adapt to new cuisines?

Rusty Water Brewery is located at 1821 Phillip Island Rd, Cowes VIC 3922.

For your viewing pleasure, here are some of the animals we saw on the Island. Unfortunately, penguin photography isn’t allowed but they were soooo cute! And tiny; each of them weigh about 1kg each.





Wallaby and her baby! This was one of the highlights of my day.
Wallaby and her baby! This was one of the highlights of my day.




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  1. Deej! Congratulations on your feature in Hayatimagazine Allahumma baarik ameen, May Allah bless you in this x
    It’s si funny to me how often a little bit seems to be missing from your plate, and how you usually notice during the write up.
    Sounds like you had a great day out, and a great meal too. That Pumpkin Ravioli looks and sounds delicious, Do you think it’s worth trying to recreate in the kitchen?

    Keep up the good work x

  2. Thank you very much Adeola! Amin, amin! And may He bless you in your endeavours too, Amin.
    I know right, I forget the details when the food gets served and looks complete, hehe.
    I definitely think it’s worth recreating.

  3. It must just mean that the portion was large enough is why you forgot your green peas.

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