Single & Searching and The In-Law Factor


When searching for a spouse, the family one is marrying into should also be looked into.

For instance, there is an adage in Africa that says, “If you don’t know the village, you will marry the witch.”

Upon closely analyzing at this statement, we realize that the meaning is much bigger than that. It applies to a wider range outside of Africa especially for those who like to be adventurous in their marital pursuits. Never make the conclusion that the people you are perusing can’t possibly be dealing in the dark arts; it’s not a discriminating art. People from all races do it or rub shoulders with Shaytan; an aduwun mubeen.

There are several types of families one can marry into. Ask yourself, “Are they the type to camp at the door of questionable sheikhs, marabouts, pirs, witch doctors, etc.?”

Make sure you know.

In all, families boil down to these three types:

  1. The Not-Religious
  2. The Religious and Strict
  3. The Religious and Laid back.

Knowing these matter because there are three types of miracles in Arabic; a miracle performed by an Abrahamic prophet is called mojahza. One performed by a Muslim scholar is called keeramat. Finally, one performed by a non-Muslim is called feerasat.

Each type of the families above, can dabble in the unseen and pull a fast one on you and your family. As an example, they will call it all kind of nice names like “ruqayah.” It’s more likely sihr or “unauthorized ruqayah” when all parties are not consenting and it’s done in hiding (the intended target is unaware.)

So, stay vigilant and remember that Allah has all the answers.

It’s best if you don’t go to their homes or don’t allow them in your homes lest they put something in your food, water, clothes, etc. Protect yourself with authentic duas for each of these categories and more. If you have to visit them, fast so you don’t have to eat anything while there.

May Allah protect us all, Allahumma aameen.

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Papatia Feauxzar

Papatia Feauxzar is a practicing Accountant. She focused on personal finance in graduate school. She has a Master of Science in Accounting (MSA). Around the year, Feauxzar expatiate on personal finance and romance tips here and on her blogs. She is also the Online Editor of Hayati Magazine and the author of the first Ivorian Cookbook in English. Also a poet, you can read three of her pieces in "WOKE & LOUD: A Faith-Based Medley of Muslim Poetry & Spoken Word" published by Inked Resistance. Visit her at or .

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