sara ySociety plays a big role when it comes to fashion & wearing the hijab however, we all have the right to make our own decisions, whether we choose to follow popular trends (even if it means falling off of the ‘modest fashion bandwagon’) or, making our own trends and respecting the ‘flag’ on our heads (the hijab).

Growing up, Muslim fashion was a major craze in my household, from my mother above all with her design skills inspiring me to become the fashion lover I am today and also inspiring me to build my own Muslim fashion blog & YouTube account to help out my fellow Muslim sisters. I would like to take the opportunity to share my learning’s and inspirations to other muslins out there not just women wearing the hijab but also without.

Modesty is the main fashion principle that I go by daily and I think we all should. My motto is “if it’s not modest, it’s not worth wearing”. I love seeing random Muslim women wearing beautiful modest clothing; sometimes I even stop them and ask if I can photograph them for my blog. My point here is that you don’t have to wear revealing, tight fitted clothes to look fashionable.

When I say modest I do not mean wearing an Abaya, Jilbab or Niqab. Yes, these are beautiful iconic ways of representing our faith & religion (when worn correctly) however; you do not need to wear these to be modest. It can be as simple as a combination of a maxi skirt, long cardigan & hijab.

When new trends immerge in society we get too excited that sometimes we may be unaware that we are dressing ourselves in ways that may be inappropriate. For example, I do not classify ‘Harem’ pants any different from Jeans or leggings. They still show your figure and when worn on a windy day, let me just say, they are not pretty!

The moral of my article is that society is just an excuse for Muslim women to dress whichever way they please. You have the ability to choose your own style instead of following immodest trends that immerge in society. Ask yourself this question, why do we constantly look at ourselves in the mirror each day? Is it to please ourselves, others or Allah (swt)? If it’s to please others than maybe you should consider not caring about what others think of what you wear but what Allah (swt) will think. 

I hope this article has at least helped a minority of Muslim women to think twice about the way they dress and if it is appropriate or not. Don’t forget my motto and use it to your advantage, ‘If it is not modest, it is not worth wearing’. 







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