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Fatima Togbe at LFDW 2015. Kimono by | Dress from my friend’s closet :p

So Ramadan has ended you have just spent a whole month being the best Muslimah you can be. You probably realized that in order to pray 5 times a day, you have to be appropriately dressed 5 times a day (all day in other words). So you probably started wearing more maxis, more long sleeve outfits, kimonos, abayas and you were covering your hair more often. If I am right, then I would also like to add that we both know it wasn’t that bad. So in an attempt to encourage you, others and myself, this article is a little guide to dressing more modestly while remaining fashion forward and stylish.


From the list bellow, you will realize we all have the essential tools to dress modestly. At the end of the day, it’s all in the way that you combine and style your outfits.

• Maxi dresses
• Maxi skirts
• Pants
• Jeans
• Long sleeve tops
• Long sleeve outerwear
• Kimonos
• Abayas (open and closed)
• Bubus
• Scarves



Who says you have to walk around wearing skirts and dresses all the time. As a tomboy, I’m sure you love a great pair of boyfriend jeans, wide leg pants or even a jumpsuit once in a while. Here are looks you can try.

Todays look! Tap for deets! #dinatokio

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Everyone likes to look cute once in a while, but some rather be cute all the time! For you who love being girly girls, here are a few looks you can try.

In love with this colour. Abaya @abayasboutique

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Some of you are extremely low maintenance. You can’t be bothered with all the excess time people spend on getting dressed, but you still want to look cute. Here a few looks for you.

On the blog 👀 link in my bio 😊 #dinatokio

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Here’s the full outfit for those who asked 😘

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Here is a little something for the glam queens!



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