The superhero tribute

Don’t you think there’s an outbreak of superheroes out there? By definition, a superhero is a persona who possess superhuman or supernatural powers. They dedicate their lives to the service of the generally weak faction of society, saving lives and solving crimes. They wear masks and hide their true identities in order to not be recognized for the great sacrifice they make, also probably to avoid excessive fame and paparazzi. In any way, these are the characters we are so smitten by. I, for one, absolutely adore the Batman! He does not rely on supernatural powers but uses all means possible to be the hero he is. Among many others are Superman, Iron Man, Spider Man, and a few women too… You get the drift! In our world today, superheroes are the buzz, and we want as many as possible.

These heroes put everything they have at stake to maintain peace and order, they sacrifice their sleep and comfort, their personal happiness and put their lives on the line to save other lives. With a superhero, every attribute is magnified to the highest degree! From superhuman strength to sharp senses and amazing reflexes. We can only dream about such powers and talents!

Enough about the fictional superheroes! We have a great many of them, mostly just a comic or a movie away. Let us shift the focus towards the real life superheroes. By now, I’m sure you know where I’m headed, and if you haven’t rolled your eyes and decided to stop reading this article, in my defence, as many superheroes as there are today, we need to be reminded of the real superheroes in quite the same numbers. For it is so easy to appreciate and admire that which is beyond our grasp. Superhuman strength is a fantasy for a reason, not only because we aren’t capable of such strength, but because we already are such complex and unparalleled beings! We do not need superhuman strength to be a superhero, we’re the most advanced and intelligent species in the universe known to us!

We’re all surrounded by the superheroes. In fact, I would say this is the planet of superheroes and superheroines. Sure, they do not have supernatural powers and they aren’t spitting fire and ice or uplifting trees from the roots. Their powers are subtle and hidden, they do not show how much sacrifice is being made on their behalf, they do not keep count of the number of times their efforts have saved lives and brought about peace in their world. The superheroes around us silently wipe away tears and tend to wounds we can and cannot see, these heroes accept all our shortcomings and love us anew every day. Their best power is the patience they possess for every mistake we make and for every disappointment we serve on the platter.

There is an outbreak of superheroes out there, they move around under the guise of doctors, engineers, lawyers, politicians, teachers, farmers, businessmen, businesswomen, homemakers, policemen, detectives, the old and the young alike…. but all under the common title of ‘mum’ and ‘dad’!


Maimoona Sumbul

She is Saudi Arabia based and currently pursuing a post graduate diploma in Islamic Banking and Finance.

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