The Dilemma Of Love

The single reason for me to have fallen in love with you is enough to rekindle our relationship during the tough times.” Ibidunni Damilola

The saddest thing in the tale of love is the realization that your feelings towards a person have changed or taken a downward plunge, consciously or unconsciously. Regardless of whose fault it is – after an impeccable period of affection, bliss, and beautiful memories together – for most, this could be the scariest feeling in the world while for some, a breath of fresh air.

In a perfect world and what was once a perfect relationship, the fear that you’re gradually losing that special person ruins your psyche and just like quick sand, you find yourself sinking with every hard attempt to reconnect and get back those amazing moments. Saving the relationship for reasons unknown to you becomes a difficult task. What went wrong? What changed in that person? What happened to that spark? Your heart has 21 questions for your mind but logic betrays you and so these questions remain unanswered and thus pose the topic, “The Dilemma of Love”.

This dilemma is a difficult circumstance in every relationship as a result of reasons sometimes unknown to both parties because they can’t exactly figure out the strain in the relationship. It could be as a result of our actions or inactions – the lack of contentment and satisfaction in the relationship caused by a party having doubts about the love the other claims to possess or the inability to reconnect that spark which ignited the relationship, amongst other reasons. The dilemma of love is a reoccurring factor in every relationship because of the complexity of our hearts – one moment a person basks in the aura of the other and in a flash suddenly begins to disbelieve or lack the confidence in that person. The reassurance in the relationship has gone to void because the core of their affection is somewhat inaccessible and as such, the memories that transpired between both parties are forgotten, thereby consigning their hearts to thoughts that are typically detrimental to the growth of the relationship.

The dilemma of love is a confused state in a relationship, not the termination of a relationship, and rekindling the bedrock of this relationship will help to prevent this confusion. There is potency in reminiscing about those qualities that made you fall in love with a certain person. It helps to fill the spaces of the lost memories of that relationship. A continuous appreciation and adoration of that person also helps in perfecting the core of your relationship. It is necessary you disallow your doubts from clouding your judgment towards someone during this trying period.  You need to realize your issues should not damage the growth of your relationship because these sentient or insentient flaws you have found in that person are as a result of that person’s humanity. You need to continuously learn to be able to withstand these flaws or ignore them, for you are also not without flaws.


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