The Qu’ran : A Remedy For Our Hearts

Alhamdulillah, we have been blessed with the Book of Allah—the Qur’an. It provides us with the Almighty’s unbreakable promise, His blessings and His divine mercy, which are remedies for our hearts. These not only keep us mentally sane, but also soothe our heart. Every individual goes through ups and downs in life, and it is upon us what we choose to believe and take liability over our actions. Muslims, however choose to read the sacred book of Allah  and ponder over the beautiful verses of the Qur’an.

1. Every individual goes through a tough time. The feeling of having everything falling apart is painful but very normal. Nothing seems to go as planned. Things seem to break down into puzzles which are very difficult to join back in. Nobody seems to understand or can help us out. Time to look at the brighter side; we are told that we are not alone. We are assured that Allah is with us and He is asking us not to worry about it and have faith in Him. From among his names, He show us that He is gentle with his attribute Al-Latif.

“Do not worry, God is with us.” [Qur’an (9:40)]

2. In dunya, we see others are not appreciating our good deeds. It looks unfair. It doesn’t feel right. Sometimes, we are longing for that “thank you” or maybe words of positive reception. We are told by the Almighty, that we should be committed in doing good and be firm in doing so. He won’t let the good go to waste, and this also means every good deed we do shall not be gone to waste but will be rewarded accordingly. Just because, people do not appreciate it, it does not mean our Lord doesn’t appreciate it. He is All-Aware. The Divine attribute Al-Khabir depicts this.

“Be steadfast: God does not let the rewards of those who do good go to waste.” [Qur’an (11:115)]

3. We are not perfect and can’t be. As human beings are bound to make mistakes, because we are not angels. Sometimes, we fall into Satan’s trap and make minor to major sins and it’s ok. What is important is, what we do after doing the mistake. One must realize what one has done, repent to Allah ﷻ , seek His forgiveness and make sure not to repeat the mistake again. Even if the sin is as big as a mountain, or as small as an ant, every sin will be forgiven if Allah wills. From among his names, He is Al-Ghafur and Ar-Rahim show His merciful nature.

“God is most forgiving, most merciful.” [Qur’an (57:28)]

4. We can lack integrity, sin and hide these sins. Our family won’t see, our friends won’t see, and nobody will get to know about it. It can be a secret, and we can hide it as long as we want. Unfortunately, no matter how much we hide, nothing goes unseen from the eyes of the Almighty. He can see the seen, the unseen and what is done in private and in public. He watches over us all the time. Oppressors might think, they will get away with what they are doing, but in the Hereafter there’s no going back or hiding. Every deed shall be shown to Allah and every soul will have to pay the price for every deed that has been committed. From among his names, He is Al-Alim (the All Knowing.)

“Your Lord knows and observes the sins of His servants well enough.” [Qur’an (17:17)]

5. There are times, we tend to think we are hypocrites, especially when we sin and then call Allah . Point to be taken; this does not make you a hypocrite. Allah waits to hear from us. He wants us to turn to Him. It does not matter, how much we have sinned or how big of a sin we have committed, as long as we turn to Him, we are on the right track. Turning to Him, calling Him, is the most vital thing. We must call Him, be it during happy times or tough times. He has promised us that He will answer us. If not immediately, but surely He answers us because he is The Responsive. That’s Al-Mujib in Arabic.

“Your Lord says, ‘Call on Me and I will answer you.’” [Qur’an (40:60)]

Each and every promise of the Almighty is irreplaceable and beautiful. One should never disbelief in Allah’s sacred words. His promises are divine and true. These are a few of the verses that are remedies for our hearts. It is essential for us to believe in Him, have faith, trust and rely on Him, because He has power over everything and only He can cure and help us. SubhanAllah wa bihamdihi!

On another note, say “SubhanAllah wa bihamdihi” one hundred times a day and add 1,000 deeds in your book of records and remove 1000 sins from it (Bukhari).

May the Qu’ran always be the remedy that appeases your heart, aameen.

Shazia Chowdhury
Shazia Chowdhury

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Shazia Chowdhury is a student of the Qur’an and Sunnah and loves to share beneficial knowledge and voices out her personal insights to connect with people. Produced her first- Ramadan Booklet in 2018. Founder of an NGO, which helps the poor to live life healthier and happier. On a side- she adores being a foodie, an explorer as well as a nature lover!

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