The Written vs. NOT Written Stuff: ISIS Distorting Islam For Sexual Violence On Women – II

Part II by Papatia Feauxzar

Women’s rights; in the West it dates back as far as the 1700s. In the Muslim world, it dates back to the 7th century when our beloved Prophet Muhammad (sallallahu aleihi wassalam) abolished the chattel state of women during pre-Islamic eras.

Any reliable source of scripture will vouch for the fact that he loved women and put them on the highest pedestal that there is! As a matter of fact, the Prophet (sallallahu aleihi wassalam) is reported to have said, “Made beloved to me from your world are women and perfume, and the coolness of my eyes is in prayer.” (Ahmad and An-Nasa ‘i)

He also had a lot of self-restraint and Aisha (radi allahu anhu) herself said that because being betrothed as such a young age, many would have molested her just by being at her proximity. Needless to say that he is not the child predator unknowledgeable non-Muslims try to portray him as.

Now, it’s sad to see that so called ‘Islamists” who we know don’t practice Islam, say they follow his sunnah by enlisting and brainwashing jihadi brides who most definitely end up on the short end of the stick when reality hits them in their hell hole.

In the next statement, I’m not trying to justify the reprehensible actions of their main Daesh recruiter Umm Layth, but I won’t be surprised if she knows she is calling her sisters, her sisterhood she should cherish, to the doom for the sole purpose that the sexual abuse she faces is deflected on somebody else other than her.

In fact, it’s very common in the psychology world to see women and mothers act this way at the end of abusers. As long as the abuse coming down harshly on them lessen or finds another target, they care less who suffers. The self-centeredness in us is very dangerous indeed. Anyways, this is just a maybe.
So to continue, let’s call what they doing what it is! Fornication! Plain and simple. Here is a well-known hadith conversation a youth who wanted to perform zina, fornication, had with Rassullulah (sallallahu aleihi wassalam).

Ahmad (21708) narrated that Abu Umaamah said: A young man came to the Prophet (sallallahu aleihi wassalam) and said, “O Messenger of Allaah, give me permission to commit zina.” The people turned to him to rebuke him, saying, “Shh, shh.” (The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him)) said, “Come here.” So he came close to him and he told him to sit down. He said, “Would you like that for your mother?” He said, “No, by Allaah, may I be sacrificed for you.” He said, “Nor do people like it for their mothers.” He said, “Would you like it for your daughter?” He said, “No, by Allaah, may I be sacrificed for you.” He said, “Nor do people like it for their daughters.” He said, “Would you like it for your sister?” He said, “No, by Allaah, may I be sacrificed for you.” He said, “Nor do people like it for their sisters.” He said, “Would you like it for your paternal aunt?” He said, “No, by Allaah, may I be sacrificed for you.” He said, “Nor do people like it for their paternal aunts.” He said, “Would you like it for your maternal aunt?” He said, “No, by Allaah, may I be sacrificed for you.” He said, “Nor do people like it for their maternal aunts.” Then he placed his hand on him and said, “O Allaah, forgive his sin, purify his heart, and guard his chastity.” And after that, this young man never did anything.

I brought this hadith to ask them to take heed if they don’t wish it too their female relatives, why inflict on other women?

And with all this proof, can these ‘Islamists’ claim that it’s ok to commit zina! Subhanallah. I mean the war they fighting is no accredited holy war. They have their intentions and priorities all mixed up!

And without even being religious, you have to wonder about the human rights at stake here and I did my research on the Sharia law of war slaves in Islam because the fact that a man who wins in a war can have his way with a slave he captured made me shrivel because I always put my feet in the shoes of such unfortunate human beings and women. I mean, how would have feel if someone force themselves on me because I was captured? You got to think about these things. The sport you used to enjoy will take a different light right from that moment! May Allah protect us all, amiin!

So to continue, the Sharia laws of human rights pertaining to slaves say that slaves captured like in the first years of our religion had to be treated as humanely as possible. That means you can can’t abuse their bodies, you can let them rot in plain sight, you have to give them a rightful burial. That also means, you have to look after them and especially when they are sick. They must be fed, they must clothed, and they must be educated by their owners. I mean in these early wars they had to capture the losers or they could turn around and have the upper hand. It was justified back then.

What’s not justified is this so-called ‘Islamic State’ war. Nothing they stand for is the real Islam. Everything about is all wrong and women pay the first cost associated with this foolishness politicians in our backyard started and instigated.

To conclude, women’s rights; ‘the Islamists’ are NOT supporting it like the Prophet they claim to believe in did it. Shame on you dear ‘Islamists’ because you aren’t feminists like Muhammad (sallallahu aleihi wassalam) was. YES, YOU DON’T STAND FOR ANYTHING HE BELIEVED IN!


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Papatia Feauxzar

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