Three Ways to Have a More Meaningful Experience with The Quran During Ramadan


There is no telling that reading the Quran is healing and purifies the soul. Here is three ways you can connect better with the Quran daily and especially during the Sultan of hijri months.

1. Niyyah

Make a realistic intention to read the Quranic amount you can handle whether it is a page, a juz, or several juzs. I say realistic because, if you have a full time job, don’t tell yourself that you will be able to read the Quran in thirty days among other tasks that demand your attention on a daily basis.

2. Tajweed

Review the proper rules of tajweed, so you can avoid making mistakes while reading. It’s true that we get more rewards when we struggle with the tilawat. However, it’s more pleasing to Allah to recite His Book in the matter that pleases Him. May He facilitates, aameen.

3. Discipline

Plan and motivate yourself daily with self-talk, duas, and a serious notebook so you can stay on track with your goals. It’s recommended to practice al-muhasabah or accountability in our ibadah. A serious notebook or planner makes the self-inventory a piece of good recordkeeping.

I pray this post is beneficial to you and may He accepts. Aameen.

Ramadan Mubarak!

Papatia Feauxzar

Papatia Feauxzar is a practicing Accountant. She focused on personal finance in graduate school. She has a Master of Science in Accounting (MSA). Around the year, Feauxzar expatiate on personal finance and romance tips here and on her blogs. She is also the Online Editor of Hayati Magazine and the author of the first Ivorian Cookbook in English. Also a poet, you can read three of her pieces in "WOKE & LOUD: A Faith-Based Medley of Muslim Poetry & Spoken Word" published by Inked Resistance. Visit her at or .

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