Tips to Avoid Post-Ramadan Withdrawals

Written by Shazia Chowdhury


We tend to clean and tidy-up the house, when a guest is coming to visit us.

Why do we do that?

We do this because we want to make sure the guest is happy and comfortable. Ramadan, is a very important guest that visits us once a year and stays with us for a month. This guest is so special and blessed that we prepare its arrival. Besides, it has been scientifically proven that the month is important for our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual state.

Furthermore, the best way to keep the guest happy is by keeping all the negatives away for a month and try to maintain it in our daily lives for the rest of the year. It is as essential as food and water. It should be practiced from an early age as the most foremost responsibility of an individual.

Any activity we abstain from doing during Ramadan should continue to be applied after Ramadan. For instance, we strive not to neglect our salat or reading of the Quran during Ramadan out of respect for the month. Therefore, we should try keep up these good habits after the month is over.

In addition we should continue to :

  • Give the customary 1/40 Zakat rate when we can

  • Pray Tahajjud on a regular basis with a companion

  • Fast sunnah fasts such as the six days of Shawwal and/or on Mondays and Thursdays.

Ramadan is to help Muslims change and strive towards goodness, strengthen their relation with Allah (SWT) and enable themselves to make a better place for all of mankind.

At the end of a rough journey, we always want to go to our perfect little home to relax. This life is a journey for us, and we should prepare and decorate our homes in akhirah with what we do in dunya.

We are told by Allah (SWT) that He has perfected our religion and we should follow it in order to get the perfect home in jannah which will be eternal. Going the extra mile after Ramadan is over will help us secure this endless bliss.

May Allah (SWT) allow us continue doing the good deeds that we have done in this Ramadan and to see the next Ramadan in imaan and health. May He accept our acts of worship and overlook our faults. May He forgive us and protect us. May He enlighten us with the infinite light of His beauty and magnificence and have mercy upon us all. Aameen.


Bio: Shazia Chowdhury is @shaziachowdhury on Instagram. Check out her inspiring posts.


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