Tolerance – Editor’s Letter

Issue 5 has been a long time coming. We were meant to have published a few days ago but Allah swt knows best and Alhamdulillah I now know why this delay was necessary. It is easy to lose the plot especially with a magazine like ours where although our focus is on the Muslimah fashion and lifestyle, it is also about the Muslimah’s immense faith in Islam.

This month, I want you all to begin or continue practicing religious tolerance and respect! It is easier said than done but I strongly believe that it is the beginning and potentially the solution to living in a more peaceful and harmonious world.
Often times, religious leaders spend a lot of time focusing and associating human behaviour with a man’s religion and before you know it, the people who look up to them are profiling others because of their religion. The same way we have been fighting for the world to stop viewing all Muslims as terrorist is the same way should stop ourselves from profiling others because of their religion.
May The Almighty ALLAH swt be with us and guide us all down the path of righteousness. May HE forgive and correct us for what we may do wrong and may we all attain Jannah insha’Allah. Ameen.

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