Top Tips to Stay Cool in the Heat

Right on cue for Ramadan, UK’s Mother Nature has decided to give us a heatwave! Whilst we are struggling in the blistering heat, we can`t appreciate the weather fully as we are not able to have that cheeky ice cream to cool us down.

However, not to worry, I, MangoWhirl, have a few top tips to keep you cool in the heat!!

1. Wear loosely fitted clothing in light colours and materials!
Wear those gorgeous linen trousers, that silky long tunic and cotton hijab. By wearing these breathable materials, you will be able to stay cool. Ensure your clothes are cut in a way, in which air can move around your body. Flowy maxi skirts are a perfect example of this. Try to avoid darker clothes as these absorb heat much faster, which you do not want. Stick to lighter colours.

2. Change your routine!
Change your daily routine around the sun, literally. What you would usually do during the day, try to do this in the evening. For example, grocery shopping, how about going to a 24 hour store, so you can do your shopping later and avoid the sun. The same for gardening. And, what you would do in the evening, indoors, perhaps you can do that during the day, indoors, also! Genius, right?

3. Cool your feet!
Now, I understand there are yummy mummies who have to look after little toddlers, even in the heat. So, take them out to the garden so they can play, and you just give yourself some TLC by getting a large bucket filled with cold water and placing your feet in the bucket. Not only is this great for you to get gorgeous feet, but it will also cool your entire body!

4. Hydrate yourself!
During Ramadan, its evidently much harder to keep yourself hydrated, however, after Iftar, carry a bottle around with you and sip throughout the night. Your body will thank you the next day, as will your skin! An alternative to water, is coconut water, which I highly recommend to have during Ramadan, as it is so hydrating and good for you.

5. Fruit and veg galore!
Another way to keep cool is by having fruit and vegetables whenever you can, to keep yourself hydrated. Perfect examples of hydrating products include, watermelons, cucumbers, berries, lettuce, carrots and grapes, to name a few. Have these for iftar till sehri, and you will stay hydrated.

Hope these tips help you throughout this blessed month!


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