Total Body Fat Burner!

Is exercising really that important? If we do housework and walk the kids to school surely this will be enough exercise?

Doctors are always urging men and women to do at least 30 minutes exercise a day. And with obesity on the rise, I think this is more important now than ever….Islam teaches us to take care of the physical, mental and spiritual health. Allah swt has given us this body and it is our duty to take good care of it. Islam emphasises on a simple diet and physical exercise.

So come on sisters, you don’t need a gym or a park near your house….all you need is some space in your living room or bedroom (enough space to do a star jump)!

I have devised a simple yet affective workout plan to help you get fit and strong from the comfort of your own home!


This is a 10 minute workout to be completed 3 times a week to see maximum results. It will provide you with a great cardio workout but give you full body toning at the same time! After just 4 weeks you will start to notice positive changes to your body and you will feel full of energy Inshaa Allah!


Warm up

Jogging on spot 1 min (staying in one spot and jog)

30 Star jumps (clapping hands at the top above the head)

Main workout

30 sec high knees (Bring knee to chest alternating and keep back straight, in a fast pace)

30 sec plank

1 min sprint on the spot

30 sec wide leg squats

30 sec push ups

Repeat 2-3 times (depending on your fitness level)

Cool Down

Jog on spot 1 minute at a medium pace


May Allah swt bless you all for your efforts and Jazakallah for taking an interest in my article.


Hasina Rahman

Owner of Pink Diamond Personal Training

Hasina Rahman

My name is Hasina and I have been a fitness instructor and personal trainer since 2006. I also have a real passion for martial arts and have a wide knowledge in this field. Fitness should be part of our daily life, it’s not a choice but a necessity. Being a mum to a busy toddler, I know there is no excuse, even if its 30 minutes every other day, will make a difference.

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