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Working or attending university in a western country is not a walk in the park when you are Muslim and practicing. The temptations are real and too many to count. Whether it is socializing with colleagues at a bar for happy hour, or it is a night out at the hottest club with your friends from microbiology class, the temptations are there. You may be thinking that there is no possible way not to attend all of these events without seeming like a nun or a party pooper but I beg to differ.

Be that it is university or work, you are attending either institution to accomplish something; one to get a degree and the other to build a career and make an income. You should never forget that. Everything else is extra non-important stuff. Right about now you may be thinking that I don’t understand. What are you meant to do when you get off work, on weekends and after class? The good news is, there are way more rewarding things to do.

Between classes and at the end of the day, instead of going to a bar you could go out for dinner with some friends, go watch a movie or a play or you could actually do what you were sent to do which is study. Extra studying will never be bad, in fact it will make you better prepared for your next class. Okay so now you may be think, yea but that still does not make up for the week, or not. But my advice to you is to explore during the weekend. Go indoor rock climbing with your friends, attend that baking workshop you’ve always wanted to attend, go play tennis, go paintballing, go skiing, go go-karting, take a road trip to the beach, go on a boat cruise… I can really go on but you the point. The best part is that it will not cost you anymore than you would pay going to a club or a bar.

Other than a change in activities, you should also consider a change in friends or people you hang with on a regular day basis if you fear that they will be the cause of you slipping back into old habits. You never know though, after sharing with your friends that you will no longer be going to night clubs or bars with them, they may have a change of heart as well and decide to follow your lead. However all I know is that after a few weekends of parasailing, indoor rock climbing or skiing, your friends will be dying to come hang out with you.

The same thing goes for your work life. During the week I am sure that after a long at work you are eager to get home, have dinner, maybe watch some TV then go to bed. However, if you do feel the need to go out after the work, go see a movie instead, or go to the mall. On weekends you should suggest some of these activities to your friends or colleagues. You may be surprised that they are things that they may have wanted to try for some time but had no one to go with. They are great bonding activities and in the long run, you will form better bonds then you would over alcohol.

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