The Veiled Woman (Poem)

She is a woman of piety who shields her body from the chaos of the world. She is a woman of discipline who shields her senses from the reviled attributes of the world. She is a woman of devotion who shields her heart from the lustful thoughts of the world.

A thousand chariots will ride by her side but she will never fret. A million storms will gather by her side but she will never stir. She has learnt to invent her own humanity with a steady and unbreakable veil. A veil she perceives as her fortress against the harm and slander of the world. A veil that clothes her scars from the scornful eyes of her humanity. A veil she holds with high esteem as it marks her submission to her creator.

When death has been prescribed upon her soul, her abiding wish is to live in the home of her creator with the one her heart beats for, her soul mate. The one she grants the permission to see beneath her veil. The one she grants the permission to sprout a new life in her. The one she grants permission to love her eternally. That being is her husband, her better half.

Like a beautiful rose, she has thorns. These thorns represent her flaws. Flaws she has learnt to comprehend as a part of her feminity. Flaws she has grown to see an undeniable part of her existence. Flaws she has accepted as a tool of strength to her feminity.

The epigram of the veiled woman is a witty description of a woman of piety, discipline and devotion. A woman with a heart of virtue and a soul of morality.

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