Ramadan is a great time to reflect on our deeds.

It is a time when good deeds are more pronounced and wrongdoing is minimized. In this blessed month Muslims try to improve on many key areas of their lives such as sincerity, prayers, charity and kindness. Often, some Muslims overlook the issue of sustenance. Nowadays haram sustenance has become widespread and it manifests in corruption, kickbacks, speculation, lotteries and riba to mention a few.

As the holy month comes to a close, it is important for Muslims to reconsider their source of livelihood and make attempts to avoid haram.

To this end, Lotus Capital has established a fixed income fund, which is graded halal by its Shar’iah advisers. The fund can serve as a good starting point for Muslims who are trying to safeguard their investment earnings from haram.

You can learn more about the Fund by sending an email to invest@lotuscapitallimited.com or dialing 01-2914624/0807 709 9551.

May Allah accept our good deeds this Ramadan and multiply our rewards, Ameen.

By Ibn Ibrahim As-sugrah – Sponsored by Lotus Capital Ltd

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